The Hotel has completed the project for the Systems Energy Redevelopment with the achievement of the set objectives of energy saving and low carbon emissions. The project was co-financed on the POR CREO FESR 2014-2020 announcement: towards a low carbon economy in all sectors "Announcement: Aid for energy efficiency projects for buildings - New Call 2017"

What is it?

By joining the LifeGate project this hotel commits to managing its activities in a sustainable manner by monitoring consumption rates, taking actions towards energy efficiency and reducing its environmental impact through responsible behaviour.

How does it work

A SUSTAINABILITY RATING assigned by LifeGate’s Scientific Committee. The five leaf rating system calculates the hotel’s environmental performance score based on five different areas of impact.


ENERGY: sources and consumption of electricity and heating, energy efficiency of buildings and equipment.

WATER: sources and consumption of electricity and heating, energy efficiency of buildings and equipment.

WASTE: waste type and production, waste management and prevention measures.

PURCHASES: low impact supplies of raw materials, service products and durable materials.

BEHAVIOURS: organisation of suppliers’ logistics, staff and customer mobility management, creation of awareness initiatives for guests and links to sustainable local initiatives.




  • If you can, take the stairs instead of the lift: you can save 0.05 kW for every trip and… Get some exercise.
  • Save energy, yours and that of your electronic devices: "rest" your lights (if you don’t need them) and unplug your phone and computer charger when they’re fully charged, otherwise they consume more.
  • Beware of the temperature: in winter for every additional degree centigrade, 334 kg of CO2 are emitted annually. In summer, the maximum difference between the inside and the outside temperature mustn’t exceed 6°C in order to maintain a healthy environment.


  • When you brush your teeth remember to close the tap and to use a glass to rinse: it’s easier and allows you to save water.
  • A shower is "eco" if it’s brief: up to 60 litres are consumed in five minutes...
  • ... And if you can, regulate the temperature beforehand: to obtain 40-45°C water up to 15% is wasted!